What will you be doing on the Day of DH?

March 26, 2012 in About Day of DH

Some people ask what they should blog about and how many posts they should post. Here are some ideas:

  • Your first post might be an About <your name> post to introduce yourself. Go ahead and write that post before the day even starts. This is a place where you can mention projects you won’t be working on during the day.
  • Write a post for the 3 to 5 major events or tasks you work on. Don’t feel you have to post on every email you write.
  • Feel free to write the posts at the end of the day or to add text to them later. We will give everyone a week or so to edit their posts as we realize many people are too busy during the day to write reflective posts.
  • Take a look at what other people post and respond to them if you want.
  • Post some pictures too, but remember to ask permission of anyone who appears in the picture. (And no children please.)
  • Many are traveling or otherwise not working on digital humanities stuff on the 27th. In that case you can post about what you might have done, or what you think about the posts of others. We’ve had people at home with kids, people posting after a day traveling, people posting who stayed home to read and so on…

4 responses to What will you be doing on the Day of DH?

  1. I’m James Cronin, this is my second year contributing to the Day of DH project. I currently work in the School of History and Centre for Adult Continuing Education at University College Cork. This year, I’m also contributing to the work of Ionad Bairre, the Centre of Teaching and Learning, as a one-year teaching fellow. I don’t work in a digital humanities department or within an information science context, so I’m using my posts tomorrow as opportunities to consider how digital facets thread through a more traditional humanities workday. During the day I’ll be working on a draft proposal for a new short course on digital media production. During the afternoon, I will be attending a focus discussion group where we will be discussing projects in Teaching and Learning, all of which have some digital facet to their curriculum design. In the evening, I’ll be visiting an adult education class I co-ordinate and teach on. This is a “blended” classroom meaning it has an e-learning facet threading through a more traditional face-to-face teaching experience.

  2. At Lab nt2, we will have a regular staff meeting followed by a public presentation “Midi rencontre” with Grégory Fabre and Anne-Claire Cauhapé on a project called IPSAE: http://nt2.uqam.ca/labo/activites/midi_rencontre_du_labo_nt2_et_figura_ipsae_par_anne_claire_cauhape_et_gregory_fabre

    Have a nice Dh Day!

  3. I am trying to get my site active here on day of dh, and having some troubles. This is appropos for my work in dh–haphazard and unofficial.

  4. Hello!

    My name is Kristin Cornelius, and I’m a graduate student at California State University, Northridge. Today, I’ve participated in two digitally informed, humanities related projects:

    Early this morning, I worked with my Freshman Composition class on utilizing websites (in this case it was WordPress) to present their essays in a visually stimulating, and more “horizontal” fashion (rather than the traditionally linear paper format).

    Later in the day, I talked to the Student Senate at CSUN to try to receive funds to buy a documentary camera for our local 4Humanities chapter. The goal is to create “mini-documentaries” that will showcase humanities scholarship, making it accessible for people outside the discipline, and encouraging student to participate in scholarly activities.

    Finally, this evening I am working on a video project I will be presenting at DHSI in June called “Disseminating the Humanities,” which focuses on the ways the digital can help promote the humanities, and the problems associated with promoting something that is inherently (in some respects) critical of promotion.

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