At the Office

March 27, 2012 in Blogging, Morning, Office

At the CCeH Office

At the CCeH...where nature meets cultural heritage and technology

This is my workplace – which I usually share with my colleagues (compare this picture to a version posted by Patrick Sahle on the Day of DH in 2009). Today, Patrick is working at home, Franz on another floor and Jonathan has a day off, so my company consists of the magpies planning to nest under the roof and our potted plants. If I see the leaves behind my screen, I know that everything is fine, if I don’t see them anymore, I know that they need attention and water. But as you can see, today the plants are in good shape, so I start to work on the Amoenitates Exoticae (AmEx), more precisely the encoding of the glossary containing words and phrases rarely or not witnessed at all beyond the AmEx.


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  1. Excellent, Ulrike! That’s exactly it!

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