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March 27, 2012 in Biography, Blogging, Morning, Office

As to studies, I have a degree in Latin American Studies (Romance philology, Economics, Iberian and Latin American History) and have taken courses in humanities IT. in 2009, I started working as Junior Web Development Assistant at a UN organization in Bonn and in parallel on the XML/XSLT-side of the digital edition of the Amoenitates Exoticae (a travelogue – enhanced by multifaceted geographical, political, social and cultural observations -  from 1712 written in Latin by the German physician and humanist Engelbert Kaempfer). Last summer, I left UNU and joined the CCeH (Cologne Center of eHumanities)-team at the Cologne University (have a look at the Day of DH of my colleagues Patrick Sahle and Franz Fischer). So since then, I have delved deeper into the Digital Humanities and am now working 50:50 on the Engelbert Kaempfer project and at the CCeH. During the last year, we focused on the egyptologian project The Book of the Dead – A Digital Archive of Text Witnesses. We set up an eXist database and experienced the advantages of a native XML database when dealing with XML data but also its trickinesses. Besides the Book of the Dead project, we support other projects in “going digital”: ongoing projects of the Northrhine-Westfalian Academy of Science and the Arts as well as new projects which are about to start. At the beginning of the year, I joined the Institute for Documentology and Scholarly Editing (IDE).

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