Living Through Data

March 28, 2012 in Reflecting

One of the skills that is necessary to learn in grad school is to pace yourself in order to avoid burnout. This is important to me now, because I just lost 1.5 hours of writing on a blog post that –in memory– was most magnificent and –in reality– was probably pretty decent. I won’t spend time rewriting it, instead I’ll appreciate the writing practice that I gained and go spend time with my wife.

Below are some screenshots of my day and week.

My Calendar today

My tabs today

My most used applications/websites this month

Sample of today's todo list

Where I've been today

Where I've been in the past 7 days

In bed before 1am? 0=No, 1=Yes.

Example of other personal stats (anonymized)

2 responses to Living Through Data

  1. I like your visualizations of your day!

  2. This is really neat. I’m reminded of Stephen Wolfram’s The Personal Analytics of My Life,

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