Living Through Data

March 28, 2012 in Reflecting

One of the skills that is necessary to learn in grad school is to pace yourself in order to avoid burnout. This is important to me now, because I just lost 1.5 hours of writing on a blog post that –in memory– was most magnificent and –in reality– was probably pretty decent. I won’t spend time rewriting it, instead I’ll appreciate the writing practice that I gained and go spend time with my wife.

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Another Day of DH

March 26, 2012 in Biography

This is our fourth Day of DH, and the fourth where I have nearly forgotten about the concept of timezones. While the 27th will reach here in over a day, our Aussie and Japanese colleagues will be starting much sooner. As such, it’s about time that I post a short introductory post.

I’m a doctoral student at the University of Illinois’s Graduate School of Library and Information Science. My earlier degree was an MA in Humanities Computing from the University of Alberta, which is where in 2008 we began developing the idea for this event. My Tuesday will not be particularly novel—three-hour seminar with Allen Renear, one-hour lunchtime meeting, three-hour seminar with Miles Efron—so I hope to spend some time writing a bit of history and background on the Day of DH itself.