Hello world!

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Good morning, Digital Humanists

Another March morning, another pile of grading: I just dropped my family off on campus (husband to Office of Research, where he edits and manages grants) and daughter to preschool (where she is showing off her new rubber boots to all and sundry) and have driven up to Chapters/Starbucks to grade/buy books.

Guess what I’m doing right now?

Me, rolling my eyes, and grading

Making goofy faces on the internet since 1997

I’m grading annotated bibliographies and response papers from my graduate class, English 780: New Media Genres. This week, we studied YouTube as a genre, generally, and the phenomenon of Internet memes. The response papers range from the celebratory to the apocalyptic. In this, the students mirror popular reaction to Internet technologies and practices.

In class on Monday, we looked at some great videos, many of them provided by my tweeps @seanyo, @sramsay, @triproftri, @cmleitch, @melissaterras, @jasonaboyd, @gaminginstitute. I crowdsourced meme-finding, which seems apt.

Okay. Those bibliographies are not going to grade themselves…

Another redesign, another controversy!

Attended the meeting of the Advisory Committee for the University of Waterloo web re-design. How interesting! It’s early stages yet, but the home page mockup was published to a private but unprotected internal page … where it was discovered and tweeted and retweeted and facebooked like mad between yesterday and today.

Security by obscurity fails again!

To everyone’s credit (and in keeping with what we have learned from the Streisand effect), instead of taking it all down, more material was added to the page that got found, and feedback is being collected.

Here’s the page, as promoted in our Daily Bulletin today: http://web.uwaterloo.ca/story/waterloo-belongs-you

Here’s the page, with some clickability, from the web design firm’s page: http://waterloo.babywhale.net/discover/

This committee will do important work, I think, and I’m glad to have a chance to bring my expertise as a humanities faculty member interested in all the usual things like teaching and research in the arts and our students and such–and also as a digital humanist with expertise in usability, universal design, visual rhetoric, and information architecture.