Text Mark up

I’m starting the day in the little office with a coffe and checking e-mail; I don´t have any lesson before noon. So my first task today is continue to text mark up. We are using the mark up in XML as a searching tool, in order to produce categories as the text was analysed, allowing the text to speak for itself.  These categories become into tags which eventually formed the indexes in library, that allow the users made advanced search funtion. The objetive of this is to  made a critical analysis of the texts.



The comets

It’s time for one lesson where I’m assistant. The main issue is the astrological discussion succeed in New Spain during the seventeenth century. At the moment we are reading the text of Eusebio Francisco Kino, that book will be published soon as a digital edition in the Digital Library of New Hispanic Thought.


New Meeting

Return from lunch, checking e-mail again and prepare for my next lesson: Ancient Greek. The PhD and full profesor of the class Ernesto Priani, I assist him, also he is the director of the digital library, he made an appointment for next Tuesday where we will see details on the text marking up of the New Hispanic texts.

from left to right, PhD Ernesto Priani, Ramiro Cotarello y Héctor Aparicio

(From left to right, Ernesto Priani, Ramiro Cotarelo and Héctor Aparicio, students who also collaborate in the Digital Library).

Keep going…

The day is almost over and I feel like I didn’t so much activities. Just tasks that I made normally and everyday, two lesson, searching some books in library, scanning some images, three post, some pictures of classmates and friends, perhaps the reason why I think there are not much progress. Planning the next day and few activities for the Digital Library, but even I like to do all the things I do, and many more all that is involved with the Digital Humanities. We still have to walk a long road for implement the new tecnologies as a tool which we must work everyday. There are still a lot of work.

Atardecer desde la oficina

Tomorrow I have a meeting in order to present the desing and logotype for a web site about a Encounter of New Hispanic Researchers from all around Mexico.