Welcome to my day!

Welcome to my Day of DH blog, a snapshot of my life (or rather likely composed of snapshots of a day in my life both in word and (hopefully) picture form. I spend a rather lot of time doing a rather lot of things, so I hope that the day in question will be an interesting one. Regardless, I look forward to participating in this project, as I truly enjoyed reading the blog posts from Day of DH 2009.

Almost Day of DH!

As my Wednesday draws to a close, I unwind with some random meme videos, some listening to music, some catching up on twitter (while at my part time job I’m not allowed to surf the ‘net or text on my phone or anything apparently… thus having to catch up so to speak), and well playing some Echo Bazaar. Indeed these are some of the many ways I procrastinate or enjoy myself as the case may be. Regardless, Wednesdays are always some of the longest most tiring days, yet I still manage to be up past midnight and I imagine that tonight will be no exception. St. Patrick’s Day was nothing special unless you think eating a cookie with green sprinkles on it is special or wearing green or a clover pin is special… *shrugs*

Anyway it’s less than 5 minutes to Day of DH time… and I can’t wait!

Social Media & Memes (relaxing entertainment)

So now that it IS Day of DH what am I up to (still online)?

Three main things (as people aren’t tweeting as speedily at this hour):

1. Viewing my stocks on Empire Avenue which is still in a Friends and Family Beta, but is a great social media site that I’m enjoying playing with!

2. Playing Echo Bazaar, a super awesome turn based web game which I appreciate because a) it reminds me of the awesome sessions from HuCon 2010, b) it’s much like a card/board game c) the delay on turn taking means that I get productive (or OTHER) things done and d) because some of my friends play! Honestly it reminds me of text based games — I love the story aspect to it! Heck the game mechanics remind me of all the reasons I love board gaming, reading, computer games etc. without the whole ‘eating up all my time due to game playing’ thing (which is the main reason I only have one non-casual game on my computer: Master of Magic, my favorite computer game of all time!

3. Brushing up on my memes by watching past episodes of Know Your Meme. Why? Because one of my favorite web writers (okay he’s my favorite for other reasons than his web writing, but still!) decided to start a series of articles about Internet memes on Opera Portal, including this awesome first article Evolution of the Internet meme. Maybe it might seem a waste of time, but a person as interested in Social Media as myself would evidently be interested in memes!

As for music, I’m currently listening to my collection and I’m currently listening to a ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic song: You Don’t Love Me Anymore. I’ll probably actually head to bed in the next half hour or so, but after as busy of a day as I have on most Wednesdays, I may as well have some enjoyment time!

Awake: I made it to the HuCo lab…

Snow falling on LRT walk

On my walk to the LRT I am greeted with snow

So, last night before bed, I read a few articles from Alberta Venture to settle myself for sleep. No, I don’t always read business magazines, but I do tend to read magazines before bed and read them in order of when I receive them: I receive a lot of magazines: mostly not those I purposely subscribe to but which are related to my interests, my studies or my volunteer endeavors.

This morning I hit snooze a couple times before picking up my phone and checking email and twitter. I was far too tired, indicating that I likely didn’t get enough sleep. My abs are still sore from my Wii Fit Plus exercises from last night (30 minutes total). Breakfast was multi-grain Cheerios and skim milk and water with a vitamin. I’ll eat an apple and/or a granola bar this morning before eating an early lunch (during class break). I don’t survive well without breakfast. Of course I read a few sections for Chris Brady & Orrin Woodward’s Launching a Leadership Revolution book during breakfast: I like to always have a leadership/personal development book on the go plus some poetry and/or short fiction (and sometimes something longer to read) on the go at any time. I’ve met Chris and Orrin before, a few years ago, and while I get occasionally frustrated by some of the more religious elements of their writing, I rather do think this book is well written and organized and that the content is well worth reading.

snow on walk to LRT

More snow on the walk to the LRT

Walking to the LRT I encountered SNOW! It’s the kind of snow that doesn’t stick: it melts on contact usually (though not immediately on my jacket as *hopefully* my bad photography will eventually show), but it’s snow just the same. Waiting for the train, I wrote some poetry… I’m a bit behind on my writing lately.

More evidence of snow

The snowflakes show up better on a black background, not that I'm a particularly good photographer

Anyway we’re in class: it’s a HuCo class on project management, taught by Geoffrey Rockwell. Should be an interesting class, and we’re about to get started.

Before class starts we talk about the music we ’should’ be listening to and what we actually do listen to by way of music because one of my classmates walked into the room listening to music loud. Now we’re talking about science fiction that features computing… (gotta love sci fi!).

Class break: food!

Joyce's cupcakes

Joyce's delicious Day of DH cupcakes!

So the first half of class included intellectual property and presentation discussions which was pretty interesting/invigorating. Love the fact that this semester I have my netbook with me in class (an Eee PC) and so can see websites on my own screen (plus be caught up on my Day of DH postings too I suppose).

At break we took a group Day of DH picture and were introduced to Joyce’s Day of DH cupcakes: shaped like hearts they are the picture stars of the day. Yummy too, and perfectly porportioned: nice and small as I get sugar headaches if I have too many sweets so this was just enough to make me happy but on the verge of too much sugar — if I had more than just that tiny cupcake I would have a sugar headache by now.

More snow evidence

To my surprise the snow sticks!

I ran off to HUB for lunch (from International Fare: tofu with chili sauce: I wanted broccoli today!), as I always do during class break. The snow is sticking now, and I felt a bit adventurous venturing across the Arts/Business quad (not the actual Quad) without a jacket. It is not too cold or anything though.

Even more snow evidence

The snow is actually kind of pretty

I should enjoy my lunch now… class will restart soon. Gotta eat the real food to prevent the sugar headache. And yay! My boyfriend in Norway (he lives there and works for Opera) is online and typing to me via GoogleTalk (I run Trillian).

PHP and FIP and all that stuff….

No food or drink in labs

A sign posted in our classroom

So a whole lot has transpired since the last time I posted: I finished my morning’s class with discussions of webhosting and thesising and project updates and a wonderful case study to discuss. I think we learned a fair bit.

My workstation in class

Evidently the sign is ignored as I eat in class. I like this work arrangement.

After that I ran off for the FIP (Forum for Information Professionals) wrap up meeting. Next year I’m one of the co-chairs, but this past year I was a junior co-chair, thus a committee member. Hanne made some OVERLY awesome (and also sweet) peanutbutter marshmellow squares, which were delicious but resulted in my getting a sugar headache. Not a bad one of course, but still…

Hendersen Hall

Hendersen Hall

Back in the HuCo lab, I attended Harvey Quamen’s CMS workshop. I felt a bit out of it having to play catch up (it began while I was at the FIP meeting) but got it in the end. My php skills are still pretty good though I hate the fact that I occasionally have a hard time seeing the screen to copy the right segments of code.

And now, I’m pretty much done on campus for the moment and should be heading back home shortly I would imagine. Not sure what I’ll spend the rest of my day doing, now that tomorrow’s getting so full of commitments … but whatever.

I’ve also been typing to my man in Norway, which is pretty great — he’s working on some pretty nifty articles for the web which I look forward to reading.

I’m home, it’s cold out and I’m grumpy

It’s far colder outside than it was earlier today and all this morning’s snow seems to be gone. I walked home from the LRT frustrated that I had messed up my scheduling for the day.

So I’m grumpy. So I’ll play some browser based games to help my boyfriend with his article writing maybe… or maybe upload my pictures to my blog posts or something? *shrugs* I don’t really know what I’m in the mood to do: evidently not to be immediately productive.

Still kinda unenthusiastic/grumpy…

Trying to smile for the camera

Trying to smile for the camera though I'm in a mood.

So I think I’m going to spoil myself: I just ordered pizza online (why don’t more pizza places offer online ordering?) and will watch a movie (Persepolis) before hunkering down to some more productive matters. Maybe I’ll play the Wii while I’m waiting for the pizza to arrive. I’ll upload pictures of my day later (maybe tonight maybe later in the week) but right now I’m in no mood even to play browser based games (I got pretty bored with them pretty quickly… honestly some browser based games are really not worth my time). I did however research some of them for my boyfriend and let him know what I thought. Hopefully he’ll be able to write a decent article as a result.

I’m still sad that my day will be much busier tomorrow than I originally planned for it to be. Regardless, I really just need to relax and enjoy somehow… and get caught up on everything that matters. Homework is on the backburner tonight though: I’m just not in the right mood to be anything close to as productive as I would like. That doesn’t mean I’m not getting things done, just not necessarily homework. I’ve definitely been thinking about research though).

Rejuvenated by film!

Motivated! :)

Watching Persepolis made me motivated.

I finally watched the copy of Persepolis that I had purchased when I won a gift card to Blockbuster not too long ago. It was well worth it: firstly I love the French dialogue (it helps that I’m fluent in French) but also that story made me cry when I read the graphic novels (in English unfortunately, my having been introduced to them in a young adult library and information studies course). I watched all of the special features, fascinated by the fact that the animation was all done by hand. It was a great film and I now feel much better about myself and my evening. I probably won’t get a huge amount accomplished tonight given the late hour, but I most certainly needed that me-time. Whenever things really are getting to me, I find that I often need to step back from my stressors and just you know do something else entirely.

Reconnected to an ol’ friend, IRC more Echo Bazaar and relaxation…

So Day of DH is drawing to a close. Yes, I will eventually upload some pictures for the day… but that likely won’t be immediate: as it is I have spots in front of my eyes from taking pictures with flash: gosh my phone camera is bright!

This evening I’ve been listening to music (electronic and The Beatles mostly), catching up on email (just my main accounts — but some was school related, some was Kiwanis/CKI related and some was personal), playing Echo Bazaar, checking up on my social media applications, and well relaxing. I know that I *ought* to be more productive, but staying on top of these things will make the weekend more productive in the end. Perhaps I should pay my cell phone bill tonight? Yesterday the phone company’s web site wasn’t working properly for bill payments.

If this is my last post of the night (and it probably will be) this was a great exercise in blogging. I look forward to reading more of everyone’s posts!