Hello world!, This is my day …..

Hi all, my morning menu will be walking to Valparaiso University where I learn many new things, such as new ways of teaching, student class environment, International office for university networking, new knowledge through sharing and interacting with my mentor and other faculty members.

I’m able to do that because i participate in United Board of Higher Christian Education in Asia Fellowship program. This fellowship program allows me to spent 4 month in Hong Kong (last year) and 4 month in USA (January-April 2010) to learn and compare the eastern and western ways of teaching and creating a good environment for student to develop themselves effectively.

This is my first encounter with snow when i first come to USA in January my impression of it is “Beautiful but Deadly”,  I used to complain when its too hot in my home town like 30-35 degree Celsius, now i know compare to -15 degree that is a lot better.

This is the library, the most interesting place of all because it’s so cozy and a lot of things to enjoy here, like the new collection of books and research journals that i cannot find in Indonesia.

Hanging Out in the Library terrace 3rd Floor, enjoying the cool Spring Breeze.

A trip to university Art Museum.

Playing pool in the student entertainment center with my Fellows friend Nguyen Van Huy from Vietnam.

Going Back Home

Back inside my room with my beloved computers, my wife always said that these computers are actually my first wife because i spent a lot more time touching them than i touch her ……

My computers are my work, entertainment, learning tools, research, etc, and without it now …. i feel that i lost some of my life with it.

Well, One More Day just end …… with a beautiful sunset color from my room window.