Hello world!

Welcome me to Day of DH 2010. This is my first post. I edited but didn’t delete it, and haven’t started blogging!

Awake, Day of DH

I’m Awake.

Why is it that the time I most want to go back to sleep is always the time I have to be waking up? Why couldn’t I be that tired when it was time to go to sleep in the first place?

I really should have only played one game of Modern Warfare 2, but I was given false hope by doing well in a game. The following two games had me back doing terribly as usual, though.


Israeli Folk Metal has a positive impact on the commute.



Server Access

So, no server access for a web project can be a bit difficult sometimes, however I’ve got time setup on campus so I can sit and batch upload and process a bunch of photos for the Streetprint exhibit.

Adobe Premiere

Premiere CS 4 sure is unstable, it seems. That being said, once footage is captures the new encoder sure works better and faster than the old one. Too bad I didn’t figure out about the deinterlacing till everything was already rendered.