Day of Daniel Sondheim

March 19, 2010

My Day

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My alarm goes off at 7:05.  After my usual 20-minute liminal period, I get up and am ready to start my day.  I never have a big breakfast, and this morning is no exception.

Is it the digital humanist in me that makes me check the weather on my dashboard weather widget rather than just open the curtains?  I see on the widget that it is snowing, so I make sure to zip my coat up before going outside.  I am surprised when I step out into a small blizzard!   I make my way to the train station, passing familiar landmarks.  It is only a five-minute walk, but I enjoy the sight of the station when it comes.

I study the mural of Bishop Vital-Justin Grandin, the first Catholic bishop of Alberta.  I find the image of the nun holding a crying aboriginal child to be rather odd, and I look at it until my train comes.

I take the train one stop, to University Station.  As usual, there is a stampede to get up the escalator.  I smile as I think to myself that escalators are not dump trucks, but series of tubes.

Upon exiting the station, I head immediately past Rutherford Library toward Triffo Hall to get a free coffee from the Graduate Students’ Association office there.  I am greatly saddened to see a sign saying that the office will not open today until after my class starts.

I head over to Dewey’s Lounge instead and buy a coffee there, and grab a cinnamon bun to quell my disappointment at the lack of free coffee.  At ten to 9am, I go to class.  The class is Humanities Computing 530, Project Management.  Dr. Geoffrey Rockwell teaches it.

We discuss intellectual property, followed by elements that make for a good presentation.  At break time, some of us go back to the GSA for free coffee.  As is occasionally the case, there is none left.  A GSA employee comes over to make some more, but a few classmates don’t want to wait and go to Starbucks instead.  I decide to hold out for the free stuff.  My classmates who went to Starbucks return to wait with those of us who stayed.

The coffee isn’t made very fast, so I only get a little bit.  As usual when that happens, I think to myself that it’s actually a good thing because I should really drink less coffee anyway.  Back in class, we talk about the process of setting up domains and getting ISPs.  Then we report on our progress in our group projects.  Finally, we discuss a hypothetical case study involving a professor who would like some maps to be digitized.  Class ends at 11:50.  Some people get out their cameras and snap some shots for Day of DH.  I call my partner, who is also at the University, and run to grab a quick lunch with her in HUB mall before a PHP/MySQL workshop taught by Dr. Harvey Quamen begins at 12:15.  I notice as I run that it has stopped snowing.

After finishing lunch, I rush back to the workshop and take my usual seat.  I have not studied PHP since last semester, and I am grateful for the refresher, as I need to use it in my group project for 530.  The workshop ends at around 2:15, and I go back to the train station.  I take the stairs down by twos.

My train comes, and I take it one stop the other way back over the river.

I walk home.  I set my computer up to start work for the evening, and blog about my day.

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