Hello world!

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Early start: a train for a long journey

Hello friends! i’m writing by mt iPhone while i’m in a train from la Spezia (home) to’ Pisa. Today a long trip to’ germany for an erasmus program. here some picture from the train ( in time as i checked by an iPhone app.) that has not Internet connection

No web at the airport

I’m wirking at the laptop at Pisa airport waiting for the fly.. No web connection so I’m going to’ use the iPhone… Aldo to’ listen for the hundred time tha audiobook twilight.
I’d lime to’ show you part of my presentation about the myth of Rome in first medievale communes but i cannot, mauve later?

Still in the airport

This is a really boring day .. I’m in Fiumicino airport now still waiting for the last fly for frankfurt, working at my presentation . I’ll try to be more active this evening hoping for a web connection at Siegen bye!!!