Hello world!

Welcome to Day of DH 2010. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!


It’s my first time participating in this project so I’m not quite sure what to write. Compounding the problem, I’m simply a lowly graduate student. Anyhow, I’ll at least post what I’m up to.

Usually, I start off my mornings catching up on some websites/RSS feeds like:


However, this morning I shaved my head (and wrote a blog post). Anyone know any quick and easy ways to post some photos to wordpress? Preferably with an iPhone! Maybe with the iphone app.. HRMmmm.

More on this later, must run for lunch with the girlfriend and then workworkwork!


Got my iPhone app to work by setting my XML-rpc permission (thanks Peter). Here is a photo of master chief guarding my router.

Choice of footwear

Living I’m Edmonton Alberta, the choice of footwear often dictates the quality of your day. For example, flopflops in -30 degree weather makes most people sad. While that is quite the extreme example, nice leather shoes in slushy weather can also make for a messy day.

I present to you my footwear of choice in almost every situation:

A Side-note for those that may be interested.

As i was filtering through my email as I often do before sitting down to do work, I noticed an e-mail informing me that $10 dollar T-shirts were available at threadless.com once again!

To those questioning the relation to digital humanities, I propose the following defence: graduate students need clothes. Furthermore, (most) digital humanities graduate students like cheap clothes/things.

The Distractiveness Factor

Ok, I made up a word. Forgive me.

Here I am sitting in VITA with Peter trying to write my MA-thesis proposal since 1pm and I have gotten 1 paragraph done (sorry geoffrey). I had not factored into my day the distractiveness factor of the Day of DH Blogs.  My thesis will be investigating the nuances of designing a controller for a large sized information display and I’m having fun writing the proposal…  it’s just more fun reading blogs…Peter

Finishing up at school

Alright, so time flew today. It’s time to drive the girlfriend home and pick up some shorts for tonight’s dodgeball madness (more on this later).

I’ve made good progress on the thesis proposal. I know what I’m going to write, now I just need to write it and it shouldn’t take me more than a day or two to finish it off.


time to play dodgeball with peter. READY FOR AN EPIC WIN!