Day of DH, day of questions?

Is Digital Humanities always situated in academia?

Wordled what is DH and ivoryish tower

(Wordled from “How do you define DH“)

Sitting under the tower, having, for the past 16 years, called myself a Humanities Computing/Digital Humanties person, I still identify with the wannabees: technologists doing DH work, and humanities scholars doing DH technology. One foot in each place, a heart in both, but two hands too often doing the mundane: support, apps, LMS…

Meanwhile there are delightful days: spending time with DH folk like today, working with our local museum on a collection built with Omeka and wondering if we can use this app to replace our dSpace projects, revitalizing an ancient project by partnering with our young Center for Digital Initiatives, and maybe, just maybe, getting a chance to recast my ancient “Introduction to Applied Humanities Computing” course (through the CS dept.) to a Digital History course (through the History dept.).

Day of DH, day of questions 2

This morning.

Turning some of these:

dayofdh greenberg image of docs into some of those:   dayofdh greenberg list of some files

Day of DH, day of questions 3

Break time.

dayofdh greenberg teatime

…and then walk over to the Library. Two years ago, our dwindling group, Academic Computing Services, was merged with the Center for Teaching and Learning. This has been both fun and challenging. One consequence is that we now split our time between the CTL offices in one building, and the CTL Commons in the library where we do workshops or direct faculty support. The walk from one to the other ranges from blistering cold and snow, to unusual days like today (a Vermont March day with no snow on the ground, 50 degrees F, and people in shorts and flip-flops? amazing). The walk over also includes the gauntlet: how many questions will you field? Case in point today: “Oh you’re heading to the library, I’ll walk with you. Can I ask you a question? I’m having a problem with Endnote…etc. etc.” …answer… “Oh yes and someone told me I should be using this thing called Zotero…”

Day of DH, day of questions 4

dayofdh greenberg pipes and flowers dayofdh greenberg UVM campusJust a placeholder for now. Thinking, as always, about the oldest of questions: what is DH? Reading the definitions. So many good ones but a special shout out to Elli Mylonas (Hi Elli!), particularly for the ‘consume it’ reference: “Digital humanities involves the application of the digital to work in the humanities, practiced self consciously. DH encourages the humanist to engage with the technology and not just to consume it. DH is best experienced as both theory and practice.”

Views from two sides of a building, one looking at pipes and equipment, one looking at an almost romanticized landscape. Is DH merely a matter of perspective?