Hello world!

Welcome to Day of DH 2010. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

Day of Dh…and go!

Day of Dh started with…baking!  Last weekend, I watched Julie & Julia and it inspired me into a cooking frenzy. March seems to be filled with spring babies, so I decided to have a special friend over for her very own( and very first!) birthday cake.

Introducing…la Reine de Saba cake! (courtesy of Julia Child)

This venture, however, left me with some left over batter and some mis mash of ingredients. Thus was born…the Day of DH cupcakes. I’m a night owl at heart, and it’s quite cathartic to bake late at night. I’ve had to put a ban on baked goods in the house, however, so I’ve started bringing them to school.

Late night support group

Coming from a slightly more competitive undergrad program, I’ve heard many stories of research sabotage and aggressive grad students. I know these are all case specific, but I went into grad school unsure of what to expect. I had nothing to worry about though, because the Huco group are great. I’d love to say that this google wave conversation with a few huco students was about sharing ideas! and…blending of minds to create new innovations! and…collaboration and text…analysis?

But, alas. This conversation was to panic.

so THIS is what google wave is for...

Ducklings go quack quack quack!

On my way to class, I was ambushed by a flock of ducklings playing in the rain!

It was, in fact, the UofA day care taking their kids for a day out. Must say, toddlers bundled up in raincoats and boots, quacking their way to the park was adorable. This would have made an awesome candid shot, but running after them and asking to take a strategic picture where none of their faces showed, just seemed to ruin the moment. So, off to class. Here’s a picture of Victoria though, who’s equally cute.

in focus fail!

The Thursday Project Management class is, admittedly, my favourite for this term. It’s a nice change of pace from the more theory based classes. Plus, it’s nice to see the missing SLIS students (and James) who aren’t in the other classes during the week. The promise of Friday, the next day, doesn’t hurt here.

Some candids…and “candids” from class

All of our classes are in Arts 112, and after spending up to 6 hours in the same room, it’s hard not to feel territorial of the space.

This is “my” seat.

James, our wise Huco-er…Huco -ite (?) who comes in once a week to provide sage advice, before swooping out again. Here, James is very helpfully pointing out someone who’s about to attack me from behind.

Shannon, who was my communications partner during Hucon Conference planning. Currently, we’re working together with Dr. Kirsten Uszkalo give the “Journal for the Study of the Preternatural” an online presence, and design their logo. Shannon has really spoiled me with how easy it is to collaborate with someone.

Eric, my Project management partner. We’re working together with the University of Alberta Press and building a database for their forthcoming publication – Weed of North America. Phew, I’ve written that so many times that it’s starting to lose its meaning!

Eric has humbly stated many times that his technical skills are not very advanced… but his initial structure for the database is brilliant. Eric is working intently here…or maybe just playing video games. We’re not telling.

Geoffrey Rockwell has now left Arts 112…and rotating into the Huco shift is Harvey Quamen. This is our post class CMS (content management system) workshop, and today we’re working on PHP. Most of us only learned this last semester, and some of us felt like we were learning hieroglyphs. And thus…the late night support group was conceived.

The Yoga Loft

After spending a day at school, it’s time to go to work at the Yoga Loft. This is my home away from home.  The loft has very little to do with Humanities Computing, but it is fairly integral to my day.

This is my favourite part of the Yoga Loft. Sometimes when I’m alone, I’ll twirl. But that’s just between you and me.

My bosses, Rameen and Sarah Peyrow. They are incredible people… plus, they make me feel like a genius for knowing how to convert a file to PDF and merging them together.

Another familiar, and friendly Yoga Loft face. Nicole, is attempting to teach me how to properly balance in Bakhasana (crow pose) and also threw in a few postures that’ll help restimulate a tired grad student’s brain.

The more I learn about databases, the more frustrating I find the one that we use to manage our students. I’m still waiting for an eager database designer to swoop in and build something better. (please?)

Doing some backbends in hopes to open up my back…maybe some thesis inspiration will come to me too, while I’m upside down.

Whoops. Ran out of room.

Discussions of the day – “Hyper parents” and the “digital nation”

Recently, PBS aired a documentary about life on the virtual frontier. We’re a digital nation now, separated between native users and immigrant digital users. The underlying argument the documentary makes is that our advances in technology may be going too fast. I don’t agree, but that is a discussion for another day.


The front desk at the Yoga Loft, inspires many spirited discussions. Andy Keenan and Sarah Coffin are quite engaged in a conversation about the digital nation, and about another documentary on CBC that discusses hyper parents. Is embedding a GPS tracker in your kids’ skin going too far? (yes, in our humble opinions)


Back to work

The work command centre (chez Andy), with strategically placed controllers, keyboards and laptop. Tonight’s agenda includes html writing, logo designing, precis writing, and Arrested Development. Will all of it be done? Probably not. But, Arrested Development will certainly be completed!

Big foot and little foot.

Julie and Julia – Project lite

Instead of attempting to master the art of french cooking, Andy and I decided to embark on a idfferent cooking adventure and attempt to cook through the Rebar vegetarian cookbook, with no deadline to finish. Our very first recipe – Roasted Yam and Garlic soup. We made some corn bread and roasted veggies to go with it. Yum!

One last e-mail check…and file transfer

When I was younger, I was chatting with someone older and more established than me, and he mentioned how he always willed his inbox to be empty when he checked his e-mail. But, how could this be so? Wasn’t getting e-mail exciting?  I was still in the stage of my life where getting e-mail was exciting, and a full inbox meant  surprise messages were waiting for me.  My favourite was when my best friend, who had moved to Melbourne, had written me and her happy words bounced across the ocean and into my inbox. But, in the last couple of years, the small little words “i hope i don’t have any e-mail” are starting to creep into my thoughts. Maybe this is a sign of growing up? Or maybe, just a sign of a different generation moving forward. Whatever it is, I’m not in a terrible hurry to find out.