Hello world!

Welcome to Day of DH 2010. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

Good morning!

Good morning from a sunny Trier! Since the last Day of Digital Humanities I took on some extra commitments and some of my existing projects stepped up another gear. In January I began realising that if I didn’t start scheduling a block of time every day (or as often as possible) for my own research then it wouldn’t get done. A night owl by nature, until recently I held more truck with ‘Morgenstund ist ungesund‘ than ‘Mordenstund hat Gold im Mund‘ but finding time for my research in the mornings before work is working well.  On reflection it seems like the busier I get the more I get done. Anyway, it is nearly 8am so I’m taking a quick look at my emails and then off to the gym for an hour before heading to the Uni.

Ok, it is 10:40 and I’ve just finished answering the first batch of the day’s emails and taken 10 minutes to think about today’s priority tasks. My department has a number of ongoing collaborative projects – one of them being TextGrid. This week the Kompetenzzentrum’s contribution (with its TextGrid hat on) to an FP7 funding proposal must be finalised – and this is what I am turning to now!

From Writing to preparing

I’ve just come back from lunch, accidentally broke my office chair and am now taking a break from project proposal writing to prepare for a sykpe call with my colleague Stephanie A. Schlitz. The subject of our talk is going to be TEI Extramural Journal – a new project that we have been working on together. It is such a beautiful day here.

Chair Fixed

I managed to repair my Chair, thank goodness.


14:45 and I’m just finished my skype call with Stephanie and had a look at the TEI-EJ website that her team have been working on. I’m really pleased with this project and how it has been progressing. Her team has done a wonderful job with the website and we have lined up some interesting contributions for the first issue (Summer 2010). The first issue will be invited contributions only, and this is what we were mostly discussing. The outline for the issue is mostly in place and we are awaiting promised contributions. As soon as this issue is published an open CFP will go out! Please do consider submitting when you see the CFP. Now it is back to project proposal writing.

Burning the candle

It took me c. 1,25 hours to walk the c.5km from my office to my home but it was a pleasure to walk it after sitting in front of the computer for a large part of the day.   Sometimes I download the Digital Campus podcasts to entertain myself with when walking. Last week I really enjoyed the Shelf life: The  future of the book podcast from ULC. But now (at 20:32) I’m back at my desk to continue writing. I don’t burn the candle at both ends very often, because we all know that it can’t be sustained. But now and then it must be done.  I’ll be back over the weekend to upload some of the pictures I took today and to relfect upon some aspects of my day.


I just had to break what I was doing to tell you this: Mr Meldrew came home early because he (and everyone else) was evacuated from the Gym. An unexploded bomb (probably from the WW2) was just discovered in what I think is a disused Water Works down the road from us. It is all very  dramatic – apparently our road will be closed and there will be a controlled detonation rather shortly. Mr Meldew said that he was tempted to join the others who have gathered to watch the commotion, but as he has no desire to win a Darwin Award he thought it best to just come home.