Paddling Over to Another Side of Digital River

I’ve been paddling in education waters for some time and have just recently turned the boat toward the digital humanities in a constructive way. I have a project; and, it has meant all the difference in understanding what digital humanities means. I find myself drawn into this area slowly by a need to know everything that is digital connected to high school English.
I finish this short post, thinking about three things: (1) the digital impression that is left, (2) the urgent need to get involved, and (3) how tweeting has affected the length of my writing engagement.

I’m taking in # this spring. Should be fun.

Eleven AM: Life by the Numbers

The usual. I’ve been up late, working on the computer until 11 PM and now I’ve slept in until 9 AM. First thing that I did this morning was write 2000 words (I’m finishing the book I’m writing on digital literacy). Five years ago, I used to wake up and deal with my email. I was not getting anywhere with my book so I knew that I needed a new plan. Then, after reading several time-management books, I decided that my routines were not working; so, I took the step to shift the routine of my day. My own motto is “life by priorities”. Since writing is my main priority, it must be number 1 and after that, the priorities I’ve set from the day before. I number them and follow the plan. There’s a lot less stress; and, my goal is now within reach.

Seven PM: The Day is Going Fast

I tried to keep up with posting my actions today. It’s been tough . . . so many things to do.

It will likely end up as an 11/7 day with only a few posts.

Here’s a photo of some research friends.

NRC 2009

It's great to have a record of people that have influenced your research.