Hello world!

Testing out the system in preparation for the 2010 Day of Digital Humanities. More DH goodness TK!


I was initially extremely excited about the coincidence of the Day of Digital Humanities and the annual conference of the Society for Cinema and Media Studies — these are two groups I’ve been hoping to get into conversation.

Alas, it’s become clear over the last few hours that not only is there not free wireless access in the conference hotel, and not only is the conference hotel not included in my Boingo subscription, but there’s apparently not even pay wi-fi in the conference rooms. And bad AT&T access to boot.

In other words, it’s possible that my posting tomorrow will be restricted to times when I get to dash out and find access outside the conference itself.

So much for promoting dialogue.

A Little Coffee, A Little Work

Today’s Day of Digital Humanities events begin in a most routinely analog way: waking from dreams of earthquakes (the little temblor we had a couple of days ago has my unconscious going) to await my hotel breakfast and coffee. I’ve then got a couple of hours that I can spend working on a (somewhat overdue) peer review of a book manuscript for a university press, before heading to the Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference.

Which is to say that today, day of DH or not, is beginning like most of my days, except for the hotel part. And usually the conference is replaced by my office. Other than that, same-same.

Off to the Conf

So a little coffee and a little work turned into a little coffee and a bunch of catching up on various bits of online communication over a very slow wireless network. And now I must abandon even that slow connection for some f2f networking. More when I manage to catch a signal.