Early morning

Halifax harbour before sunrise 18 March 2010

Halifax harbour before sunrise

7:00 A.M. — To Point Pleasant Park to walk the dog before sunrise.

Not crowded, just the way I like it. Time to turn over yesterday’s teaching and to recall the tasks that must be accomplished today.

Sunrise over Halifax harbour

Sunrise over Halifax harbour

Finally the sun makes an appearance (sunrise 7:21 A.M.). Day is now just over 12 hours.

Putting up posters on my way to work

Putting up flyers to advertise my survey

Putting up a poster to advertise my survey

Spent some time putting up posters to recruit students to take part in my study on the use undergraduates make of Social Networking Sites to communicate or collaborate for academic purposes. I and my research assistant have been visiting classes to hand out leaflets in person to students. But, I have also been putting up posters like this one. It is good today to find a poster with a tab torn off.

I know it is difficult to recruit volunteers, even when offering some sort of prize as an incentive; however, I cannot help but wonder if there is a reluctance on the part of students to answer questions about their use of Social Networking Sites because students may view them as very personal and are suspicious of old people like me asking them about their personal habits.

TEI XML marking

Marking student XML assignments

Marking student XML assignments

Today is a chance to catch up on some of my marking for my Electronic Text Design course. This week’s assignment is TEI XML. Most of theĀ  work I am marking today is excellent.

The students are very good at applying the rules, and take care with the details. The more challenging part of the course for most of these students is the part dealing with design–design at the level of the presentation of the text on the page as well as at the higher level of page design. Is it because they are not interested in this, or is it just difficult?


Waiting to talk to a colleague

Waiting to talk to a colleague

In my role as treasurer of SDH-SEMI, I have to drop in to visit Ron Tetreault, the former treasurer, in our ongoing effort to transfer authority to me. Dealing with the banks has been a time-consuming and frustrating process.