Arriving at the CDRH

I have arrived at the CDRH and was greeted by a lot of empty workstations. It’s Spring Break at UNL and so many of the students have taken off for someplace sunny and warm. Others are taking advantage of the newly remodeled and reopened for the first time in a year reading room at the State Historical Society. Because I’m the student supervisor, this means my day won’t be typical.

Empty student workstations at the CDRH

Thinking about crowdsourcing

Took this time this morning to read an article in the March/April DLib about Crowdsourcing. I’ve been thinking about crowdsourcing a lot lately, particularly as it pertains to the Center’s projects. Had to go take care of ILL charge. Now off to a meeting. More thoughts about crowdsourcing later (I hope).

CDRH Share Your Research Lunch

CDRH Share Your Research LunchHad a good discussion with Katherine (Kay) Walter, Brett Barney, Karin Dalziel, and Stacey Berry at our monthly “Share Your Research” luncheon. Turnout was low due to Spring Break, but, as always, I learned a lot. And, yes, I know, no one is actually eating lunch.

Geek it up

Ran into Government Documents Librarian Charlie Bernholz in the hallway. Charlie, Brian Pytlik Zillig and I are working on a new segment for Charlie’s American Indian Treaties Portal. I thought maybe he would like to look at the TEI P5 encoding I’m working up for the project, but he said no, “Just go ahead and geek it up.”

Digital Dictionary Project

Just back from meeting with Karin Dalziel and Stacy Rickel about the Omaha & Ponca Digital Dictionary project. Today we were talking about the public interface, faceted search results, and transliteration. I love this project, even though dealing with the tricky unicode issues sometimes fries my brain.

My unicode to-do list

Periodical literature

Every Week magazineSo after a quick phone conference call and a quick conversation with one of the Railroads GRAs, I’m spending the end of my working day encoding a World War I-era magazine called Every Week.