Good Morning

Well, good morning everyone and welcome to Day of DH. I have jsut arrived at the Arts Resource Centre Research Computing pod. I have two computers up and running, coffee in hand, and a rather quiet agenda for the day.  Morning coffee as usual and the short walk to the Research Computing pod at the U of Alberta. I fire up my computers and begin the daily ritual of clearing 50+ Viagra junk mails from my in-box and checking up on the latest archaeology new from around the world.

My tidy office - for now

Logos etc.

My first proper bit of business for the day is to work on the Mind the Gap conference website. This conference is a joint venture between U of Alberta Humanities Computing, WestGrid, Sharcnet, and a whole wack of people from all over who want to bridge the gap between High Performance Computing and the Humanities.  I have been involved with the two crucial bits of any modern academic gethering: website and the food. Both of these things will be occupying me today.

First, I have been adding sponsors logos to the bottom of the website which involves filling lots of paperwork. No problems there so far. I have tried not to think too hard about whether the London Tube Map concept is in someway copyrighted because I have shamelessly appropriated it for the website design.

Food for Mind the Gap

I met briefly with the manager of the Faculty Club at the U of A to discuss dinner plans for the Mind the Gap conference. Given that most participants are blogging today, I would welcome any input about prefrences, i.e. no chicken. Dealing with catering really has nothing to do with the sharp end of Digital Humanities, however it is tied to the most primitive instincts of man – feed them well and they will remember you well.

Paper Writing

What an optimistic title for this post, especially since I can’t possibly be working on my paper when I am writing Day of DH blogs.  The paper is due on March 30. It is rubbish. It contains some really scantily clad theoretical ideas about virtual reality and identity creation, and one really cool image of my Second Life self in front of Tim Horton’s.  I don’t expect to stake my career on this one. Oh, and I actually look like that.

Correspondence analysis

No, nothing to do with literary analysis, just looking at my e-mails.

My day has involved mostly answering e-mails and writing e-mails. I think this is normal. So far correspondance has been composed of:

  • Mind the Gap next steps, catering issues, logo approval from various powers that be.
  • Organizing dinner with my husband and next steps for toddler potty-training.
  • Writing to the Gigha Island Heritage Trust about possibly developing a community-based digital archaeology project with them (ok, I should have written that e-mail last week, but I was holding out for Day of DH).
  • Checking out an article  mailed to me about Jedis – yes, like Luke – demanding that their religion be respected as such. Nothing to do with digital humanities, but, in my own defense, it was right next to an article about archaeology in my news alert e-mail.
  • Sending several e-mails about an application to a grant which I administer here at the U of A.
  • Sorting out a dispute about who is in charge of ethernet connections and wiring for a Research Center here at the U of A (still unresolved as on 2:21 pm.)

Sadly the Grey’s Anatomy YouTube video of McDreamy was sent to my by my Director yesterday and can therefore not form part of this blog.


I keep a whiteboard on the wall directly opposite my desk so that I can jot down good ideas and remind myself of stuff I was going to do.  It is very colorful and written in large, child like script.  It is mostly about archaeology reseearch things and ideas that I will have no time to do this lifetime, a few grants that I really ought to think harder about, and conferences that I must not msis deadlines for submissions.