Hello world!

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at the airport

I am on a business trip in the United States and Canada now. So my day of DH started from the Boston Logan Airport. In this photograph, I was waiting for the flight to Toronto.

Since I could use the wireless LAN services for free at the gate, I sent an email message to one of my colleagues in mainland China regarding the Asia-Pacific DH centerNet meeting that will be held on Mar. 25 at the Digital Humanities for Japanese Arts and Cultures in Kyoto.


I kept traveling. I arrived at the Toronto airport around noon. I found a unique sculpture that was often used with direction boards (I couldn’t understand what the arrow meant, though). It looked like some kind of cultural artifact related with first nations. There was a description, “Kiashuk (Transport Canada Collection),” on the right side foot of the sculpture.

temperature feeling

I arrived at Edmonton. Today’s highest temperature is 1 degree, and lowest is -8. It is not “cool day” for me. However, I understood that the expression of temperature feeling is different according to the place.

meaning of Buddha

Also, the meaning of Buddha seems to be different according the place.