La chambre claire

il faut bien classer, échantilloner, s l’on veut constituer un corpus

(Roland Barthes, La chambre claire. Note sur la photographie. 1980, p. 14)

"un echantillon de ma collection de petites boites"
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A message from Wilamowitz

Preparing for lecture tomorrow, I read these words in “Die griechische Literatur des Altertums”, by. U. von Wilamowitz-Moellendorff (Die griechische und lateinische Literatur und Sprache, 3rd ed, Leipzig-Berlin: Teubner, 1912, p. 6; the book is available on

Die Kultur des 21. Jahrhunderts wird hoffentlich mitleidig auf das geringe Maß unserer heutigen Kenntnisse herabschauen und manches unserer Urteile berichtigt haben: aber ganz sicher wird sie ihrer Zukunft noch mehr zu tun überlassen, als sie uns gegenüber auch im günstigsten Falle voraushaben wird.

Morning coffee in our Stammlokal

Newspaper (also the cartoons and horoscope). Afterwards: “Will you two play ball in the afternoon?” “I remind you that he is in punishment.” “Well, playing with you will be quite a punishment.” We both split our sides with laughter.

Željko Jerman

A Croatian artist who once made a photo and jotted down something every day for a year in 1977 (I was about ten years old at the time). The photos were all of himself. The project is on display now in the new Zagreb Museum of Contemporary Art.

For a time we were neighbours in the journal Zarez – his column (named “Egotrip”) was on the page opposite of mine (named “Noga filologa” = “The Philologist’s Leg”). It was fun, because we were interested in extremely different themes and also wrote extremely different.

Jerman died in an accident in 2006.

A day of DH has some similarity to Jerman’s year. But now I wonder, how did he take all these photos of himself? Did somebody do it for him?


Over the coffee we talk about designing promotive material for D’s classical trio (soprano, clarinet, piano): a flyleaf, I guess, with a CD inside. A friend could design it, but would have to wait for some honorarium.

The financial crisis and unemployment in Croatia do not help this kind of show business.

Brecht (and Weill, and Tom Waits): what keeps mankind alive? (It is sometimes very hard to find out.)

Robot groceries

As always, we are trying to outsmart the programmed / robot checkout. It speaks with a female voice and soon gets on everybody’s nerve (round here owners give the GPS devices girl names). The aim is to remove the bags from the scales before “she” orders us to.

Today we did not have a chance.

Diffuse sunlight

Oscar Wilde

The Portrait of Dorian Gray, which I have not read, has as a preface a list of aphorisms. This seems interesting.

It is all on the

Turn on

  • the router
  • the computer
  • the coffee (environmentally unaware)
  • the mail accounts
  • the brain, hopefully

Slobodan si da radiš

This means “You’re free to work” in Croatian. Another standing joke.

No classes today, just me and the screen.