Hello world!

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Starting my day

I am shamed into action. Barbara has already written a flurry of posts, so I have to catch up, at least a little.
What does my day look like, before I fail to do all the things I need to do? First task: I’ve been away at that wonderful place, the Huygens Institute. Some people think heaven would be to wake up in that institute. Amazing: a well-resourced national institute for textual scholarship! actually developing marvellous digital tools! (so I saw Elaborate, and other nice things). However, this does mean that today back in Birmingham I have to try and do the things I did not do the last two days. And as all tomorrow we are hosting a visit by Terry Jones to Birmingham, I have to do tomorrow’s work today too. Which means doing in one day what in a normal week, I would have four to do — only problem being, I can’t remember the last time I had a ‘normal’ week.

So what does today have.  First, I have to be a departmental person and attend a meeting about our department website.  Then, I have to chase up various things to be sure all is in place so TJ can perform his remarkable Barbarian act, and be suitably watered and fed.  Then, I have to write some more of the Current Grant Proposal no. 1, due early April.  I have to put a few more bits in place for proposals 2 and 3, coming up later in April, and move some strategic pieces around for proposal 4, which I am going to push next week at the Shape Of Things meeting in Virginia.  Then I have to do some work on Prue Shaw’s edition of Dante’s Commedia, which we plan to publish at Kalamazoo in May.  I have to do a few finance forms, otherwise people don’t get paid.  I have to talk to our techie whiz about things we are adding to the Virtual Manuscript Room.  etc.  Maybe I get to do something I really want to do in the day (oh, that would be tomorrow).

Later I’ll tell you how close I got to this.

midday, sort of

So far today: I’ve done some fixes on the Commedia and responded to an email from peter baker about display of poetic lines in css. Not much really…

Update!! 21 April. Before this gets frozen forever, a quick record so it seems like I might have done something useful that day.

I sent various emails, etc, about arrangements for Terry Jones’s visit to the University the next day.  I did a little light work on the department webpages.  We are setting up a partnership with Gorgias Press so that people can buy nicely printed books of the manuscript images we have in the Mingana collection.  I got bad news about a grant application we are partners in. I tried yet again to sort out a student’s visa problems.  All in a day, as it were.