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Welcome to Day of DH 2010.

I’m on the U.S. West Coast (currently -0700), so posts will be begin relatively late on Thursday….

good morning

In at 8:20, a little later than usual. Here’s a cameraphone picture of my desk as I left it yesterday in the middle of three current tasks and several older ones:

skg's desk

(The crumpled brownish green pile to the left is the pair of wool handwarmers that compensates for the chill resulting from when our air conditioning system meets the window. I’m very glad to have a window aside from that one “feature.”)

Hi, I’m the digital publications manager at MTP. Mark Twain Project (MTP) is the unit where my colleagues and I work; Mark Twain Project Online (MTPO) is the website where you can find some of the material MTP has edited and published to date.

Those three current tasks: the one eating the most desk space involves printouts of news stories from 1898—I’m trying to discover how many children a certain public figure had and what their full legal names were, as part of identifying the provenance of a letter of condolence SLC/Mark Twain wrote. A few days ago, someone sent us a scan of that letter, one we hadn’t known about, and we’re very glad to have it. Task #2 is in front of the monitor and somewhat under those printouts—a reference printout of an edited 1874 letter that I’m encoding in TEI, so that I can see easily what the editor who prepared this letter text intended. Task #3 involves the yellow hardcover to the right, with purple tape flags visible. That’s Roughing It (1993), one of our books, and I’m at page 385 of the thankless process of adding page break tags (
) manually to its TEI file—just the reading text, not the entire 1100-page volume. When we contracted several years ago to have these books keyed and encoded, there weren’t plans to include print pagination, but that decision has been revisited since for usability reasons. (And since I have no assistant, it’s on me to implement, not only decide!)

When I first come in, I check e-mail; if Google Alerts or Yahoo! Alerts has sent me Web pages related to my stored keyword searches, I glance at those, too. Most days I also take a moment to catch up on @mtpo’s Twitter “friends,” but today that time has gone towards typing this post.

Predictably, e-mail has pushed one thing ahead of the three tasks pending from yesterday. A colleague has let me know that RealAudio files are missing from the final draft of a Web exhibition I’ve helped to prepare called “Mark Twain at Play.” It’s a digital translation of a physical exhibition that was installed in The Bancroft Library’s gallery from Oct 2008 through April 2009, and we plan to make the Web version public very soon. I’d better take care of those files first—

midday check-in

Highlights of this morning:

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afternoon check-in

This post is a bit of a mishmash, but so was my afternoon.
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