Hello world!

12:00-7:00 am: All-nighter

Well, so much for trying to come off as somewhat put together and polished.  I spent the whole night working on a draft of my thesis proposal, and participating in the HuCo support group Victoria Smith talks about in her post.  I had some grandiose plans to actually do something nice to my hair this morning, but it’ll be bed-head again, and even though that may technically be more representative of my time in HuCo so far, I have to be honest and say that I was hoping to come off a little better than that.

Oh man, I am tired.  This should be a really interesting day.  I am probably the saddest example of a grad student- I cannot tolerate staying up all night (to work).  I can’t do an all-nighter without nausea and paranoia.  Hello World!

Good thing I’m blogging it or I might have absolutely no memory of it later, and I am really sorry if none of this turns out to make sense!