Hello world!

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Testing Testing

testing to see that all works :-)

A working day

On Thursdays I have teaching ALL day and so will try to put some updates and pix here as I go along. I’ve also been invited to support a student at an event she’s involved in after work. So it’ll be a long day and might not get documented until the day after. (especially if there are drinks after the event :-) )

first session

more XSLT and then off to the computrer lab! Pix to follow :-)


A quick bit for lunch while reading notes for the afternoon then off for the next session with a ‘guest’ speaker!.

Reverse engineering

Thursday is my teaching day and I had very little time to post anything but this is the update.

The working day starts with checking email on my phone on the tube to the office! It means I lose 20mins sleep (what I used to do on the tube) but gets me off to a start. And also gives the advantage that I can ‘think’ about my response before I sent it. I try to avoid replying to emails by phone as they always seem so short. A quick Google chat with my friend in Moscow – the only one online at that time due to the time difference! She has already been at work for three hours and so welcomes the distraction.


Boot up computer / drink coffee / reply to email / gather thoughts and class notes / drink more coffee (it’s a long day).  What have I left behind?
Check my e-learning support discussion forum – any problems:

image of King's e-learning VLE

King's e-learning VLE

not today!

Off to class.

First class session: XML lecture

the finer points of XPath

the finer points of XPath

Simon ‘pointing’ out the finer points of XPath with the newly discovered pointy stick (thanks Claire!)

Moving on to the computer room

And then off to the computer room for the practical session

students 'teaching' themselves

students 'teaching' themselves

They look happy

they look happy

they look happy