Good night, world!

Hardly a typical workday for me, it being March Break (for the second year in a row, I think), no camp today, and relatives descended upon us. So not a lot of work time. So while I’ve enjoyed watching some of the posts roll in, I’m reduced to a quick precis of the bits of work I did:

  • meeting with computer scientists about possible joint grant application; find it fascinating to listen to the speech of people from other disciplines speaking to each other; it’s like another language except that the words are all ones I know, they are just being used in ways that I can’t quite grasp, and yet the others in the discussion grasp the meaning with lightning speed. This is what Foucault was on about, I guess, and it confirms my sense that for a single person to be truly interdisciplinary must be very difficult.
  • meeting with doctoral student who is doing a traditionally literary dissertation (though using many more online resources than she would be were she not working with me, I think), but who was out taping ambient sounds to post up on a web site as part of another research project. Suggests the ways that digital tools are infiltrating so many areas of humanities practice, well beyond the “digital humanities”. Found myself musing and worrying about what the shape of the humanities will be when she finishes.
  • trying to beat down my email inbox as much as possible, though it seems to be a losing battle of late
  • noting good progress made by research assistant on an entry for Orlando, though no time to read it right now
  • scheduling times for further training of several students in my grad course on Digital Textuality who are trying to get up to speed on The Orlando Project’s markup so as to be able to have done enough work with it to reflect critically on the activity for their end-of-term projects; they are trying to scale what we fondly call the Orlando “learning cliff” rather quickly. This is a pedagogical experiment to try involving students in the project in new ways, so I’m very interested to know whether at the end of it all they will have found it valuable. Certainly they were pretty daunted at first, but they’re making good headway. (
  • posting updates on our wiki about upcoming CWRC (Canadian Writing Reseearch Collaboratory) activities (spring workshop, sessions at the Humanities and Social Sciences Federation of Canada’s annual Congress in MontrĂ©al in late spring, extension on CFP for a fall conference for one of the literary projects associated with the project. For some reason the link button is greyed out for me, so I’m just posting in the URL for anyone who wants to read a bit more about the project or these events:
  • and heading to bed wowed by the flurry of activity worldwide in the few blog posts I found time to read: looking forward to reading more later.