Good morning Day of DH

After biking to work I was unpleasantly surprised by my first ‘digital encounter’ of the day. My faithful backup harddrive is getting old, I’m afraid. For some reason, its fan kicks in every few seconds, producing a puffing sound not unlike an old man moaning and groaning.

It’s quite a noise & I really have to finish a paper today, so I was thinking about how to silence it most effectively.
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Collaborative research

The paper I am working on today is on my core research activity — 20th-century theatre history, more particularly mass theatre.

Recently, we were able to hire a second researcher on the research project which I was until then working on alone (Mass Theatre in Flanders 1909-1953).

This posed an important problem — how to do collaborative research?
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Spring is in the air

Specially for the Day of DH — where we’re all slaving away behind laptop screens to think of inventive posts — the sun has decided to make her first appearance!
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Digital Humanities Lunch!

I had lunch with some of my favourite colleagues — the researchers in computational linguistics at CLiPS. Although there’s the ill-famed literature/linguistics divide between us (at my university, theatre studies has always been part of the Literature department) they have inspired and helped me out with many digital projects.
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