Hello world!

It’s probably hard to see but this is a picture of my computer screen at 12:34 am. It is officially the Day of DH 2010 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I took a picture of a…. let’s call it a ’support group’ on Google Wave. We are all working away into the wee hours of the morning. At times like this I think back to December when our profs told us that the first semester of our HuCo degree was BY FAR the most intense. They even had a straight face when they told us that. I am not sure whether to laugh or cry.

Wake up call

This is effectively my alarm clock. His name is Duluth. He is always hungry and has recently taken to jumping on my head first thing in the morning. He will follow me around the house and swat at my feet until I feed him. He is a brat, but on more then one occasion this semester he woke me up when my actual alarm failed.

The walk to school

You never know what the weather is going to be like in March in Edmonton. Yesterday it was beautiful! Sunny and warm. Today we were blessed with snow-rain!! The building directly in the centre of the picture (behind the trees) is the Old Arts building where our HuCo lab and two of the research labs we use are located. It is also where I spend 90% of my time on campus. Today in fact I probably won’t leave from 9 until 4 (aside from the much anticipated coffee-break). At least summer is coming. On days like this last semester it was BRUTAL; it was dark when you arrived and dark when you left.


Wow… almost done. I actually got to leave the Arts building twice today!!! I squeezed in two coffee breaks. Much needed (refer back to original post). Our Project Methods class was quite productive. We actually covered all of the material that was planned for today including updating each other on how our project groups are progressing. It’s getting down to crunch time and project presentations begin next week. Following our class we had a 2 hour ’seminar’ to refresh some of our programming skills – it was the usual crew – last semester Sophia Hoosein coined the name ‘Baby Gap Coders’ for those of us who needed extra help sessions (this was our way of differentiating ourselves from the ‘Self-Identifying Coders’). On to my RAship meeting (a.k.a. HuCoHist).

My First Day of DH is coming to an end

Today was jam-packed. My afternoon meeting went well, we have begun discussions of how to wrap things up as we near the end of the semester. Unfinished business includes: SDH-Semi proposals and possible presentations if accepted, an overview of the possible wireframes for the skin of our future digital archive and sorting out Metadata needs (for more information see posts of Day of DH participants Geoffrey Rockwell and Sophia Hoosein). Right now the time is 11:35pm and I just sent off the final copy of my thesis proposal draft (the same proposal that I was working on 24 hours ago). When I opened my email to send off the document I had four new emails from three separate projects: (1 and 2) pertaining to the paper proposals for SDH-Semi, (3) an update on work completed for the Project Management class for a user study that I will be running this Saturday and (4) a link to a Google Earth tutorial for a Digital Community Mapping project that I am volunteering with. I will deal with two of them tonight before I go to bed; the other two I will have to deal with no later then tomorrow. Instead of dealing with these new arrivals immediately I decided to play with Photo Both on my MacBook Pro… the small things in life.