Day in the Life of the Digital Humanities 2012

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A Day in the Life of the Digital Humanities 2012 was March 27th. It is now over, though some are catching up and commenting. See these sites for the actual blogs:

This Day of DH is a centerNet initiative.

The Day in the Life of the Digital Humanities (Day of DH) is a project looking at a day in the work life of people involved in humanities computing.

The fourth annual Day of DH will March 27th, 2012.

What is it?

A Day in the Life of the Digital Humanities (Day of DH) is a community publication project that will bring together digital humanists from around the world to document what they do on one day, March 27th this year. The goal of the project is to create a web site that weaves together the journals of the participants into a picture that answers the question, “Just what do computing humanists really do?” Participants will document their day through photographs and commentary in a blog-like journal. The collection of these journals with links, tags, and comments will make up the final work which will be published online.

On March 27th, participants will document and share the events of their day. However, participants will also become co-authors, and the direction of the entire project will be influenced by their choices, both before and after the day of documentation. Eventually, the data will be grouped together, undergo some light semantic editing, and released for others to study. We hope that, beyond the original online publication, the raw data will be of use to those interested in further visualization or ethnographic experiments.

This year we are happy to announce that the Day of DH is a centerNet initiative. centerNet is a network of digital humanities centers like CIRCA that coordinate activities and share knowledge.

Useful Links


The project will consist of a number of phases:

  1. Gathering Participation; Gathering the community. Through invitations and an open call the Day of DH project will gather a community of participants. This community will, through discussion, identify the configuration of technology we want to use and the guidelines for the project.
  2. The Day in the Life of the Digital Humanities. On March 27th, 2011 all the participants will use a digital camera to take photographs of their activities. They will upload the images, add a description, and tag them.
  3. Communal Editing. After March 18th everyone will be asked to look at the contributions of others and comment on them. This will give us a chance to edit a coherent site and to develop interfaces to the materials.
  4. Open Research Sharing. The digital humanities community will then be invited to study the record of the Day, whether as a data source for academic analysis of various kinds, or as a resource for those interested in knowing what it means to self-identify as a digital humanist.


Participants will be expected to:

  • Be part of a discussion list about the project (don't worry, there aren't that many messages).
  • Test the technology before March 27th to make sure it works for you.
  • Document 3 or more activities you do on March 18th in a blog of images and discussion.
  • Browse the blog-journals of others, link to them where appropriate and comment on them if you want.
  • Participate in the final editing of the site before it is made public.

Getting Started

  1. Sign-up for the Day of DH. After completing sign-up, you'll receive an email to activate your account. Click on the activation link and then you'll be able to log in.
  2. After logging in, you will be taken to your Day of DH Dashboard.
  3. If you wish to change your password, you can by clicking on the ‘Users’ then ‘Profile’ links on the left side of the screen.
  4. Visit the 'Settings' link and under 'general' please set the time zone to wherever it is you will be blogging from on the day.
  5. Click on the link in the left hand column for 'Pages'. Click on the page entitled 'About'. Please customize customize the 'About' page with a bio about yourself, both to let people know about you and to familiarize yourself with the system. We highly recommend uploading a photo with it.
  6. When you have finished with your 'About' page, update it by clicking the blue box on the right side of the screen.
  7. From the Dashboard, you can then click on the link for 'Posts'.
  8. You can now either edit the 'Hello World' blog entry, or add a new entry by clicking the 'add new' link under 'Posts' on the left hand side of the screen. Or you can click the 'New Post' button at the top of your dashboard screen.

You are now ready for the Day of DH.

NOTE: To add a link to your blog, you must use include the http:// in the URL.

Tagging your blog

This year we are encouraging all participants to make use of the blog tagging function within Wordpress. We have generated a list of post tags which reflect the rage of activities the Digital humanities community engages with in their working (and playing) lives. Below are links to the list of DDH post tags and instructions on tagging your own blog using the DDH list.


Day of DH Questions


General Inquiries:

Geoffrey Rockwell:

Stan Ruecker:

Peter Organisciak:

Kamal Ranaweera:

Julianne Nyhan:

Megan Meredith-Lobay:

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This project is supported by:

This project has been reviewed by the Arts, Science & Law Research Ethics Board (ASL REB) of the University of Alberta. Images and commentary will be publicly available online, and users will be able to download and reuse the final data. If you have any concerns or would like more information, you can contact Geoffrey Rockwell at, or the ASL REB directly at