Hol – Huygens – The Netherlands


Huygens Institute of the History of The Netherlands / National Archive The Hague, The Netherlands

Roelof Hol studied Medieval History at Amsterdam University. As trainee he worked in the State Dutch Archive Service at the State Archives of Gelderland. At the States Archives Zeeland he was deputy director and became member of the Central Board of the State Archives Service in 1984. In 1991 he became state archivist for the national program of appraisal (PIVOT program) and in 1997 in the province of Noord-Holland. There he organized the merging of the state archive and the regional archives of Kennemerland (region around Haarlem). After his return to the National Archive in 2005 he became secretary director of the National Foundation on developing archival programs (STAP), a cooperation between former state, municipal and regional archives as well as the National Archive in the Netherlands and the Algemeen Rijksarchief in Bruxelles. In this capacity which lasted till 2010 he contributed to the developing of the web version of ABS Archeion, the websites Watwaswaar (historical geographical information) and Wiewaswie (genealogical information). From 2007 till 2009 he also was program director of the Dutch Matra project “Administrative and management reform of Croatian archive services”. In April 2010 he startes with the Mutual Cultural Heritage program and also became Head of the Research and Development department of the Nationaal Archief. Besides his formal activities he is also member of several boards in the cultural and heritage environment.

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