Notley – UWS – Australia


University of Western Sydney, Australia

Dr Tanya Notley is a Lecturer in Internet Studies and Convergent Media at the School of Humanities and Communication Arts. She has been working as a digital media producer, trainer and researcher since 1998. Tanya has primarily worked in the UK, Nepal, Sri Lanka, India and Australia with social justice and human rights organisations, community media centres and online media initiatives and with the tertiary education sector. Tanya’s research is focused on understanding how communication technology and network use impacts upon social and cultural participation, public accountability and transparency, education and learning, human rights and social justice. Tanya is currently carrying out research with a number of human rights organisation about translation and activism, behaviour change and digital security, the use of evidence in human rights and designing communications initiatives for social impact. She is also collaborating on a research project about mining and digital memory with Prof Anna Reading and is involved in a collaborative reserach project focused on the use of satellite images as evidence in addressing human rights abuses. Tanya has most recently co-edited two special issue journals about social life and communication technologies with Global Media Journal and The Australian Journal of Anthropology (forthcoming) . She is an editor of Global Media Journal, Australia edition and co-editor of The Evidence & Influence Micromagazine. Tanya is a founding and associate member of the Sydney Democracy Network at the University of Sydney and a member of the Justice Research Group at the University of Western Sydney. Tanya was awarded her PhD in 2009 from the Queensland University of Technology. Her thesis examined young people’s uses and experiences of digital technologies and critiqued relevant Australian government policies. Tanya has an MA in Social Change and Development and a BA in Communications (both from the University of Newcastle).

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