Zarsky – Haifa – Israel


University of Haifa, Israel

Tal Zarsky is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Haifa – Faculty of Law. His research focuses on Information Privacy, Internet Policy, Social Networks, Telecommunications Law and Online Commerce, Reputation and Trust. He also teaches and studies Contract and Property law and theory. He has written and presented his work on these issues in a variety of forums in the US, Europe and Israel In addition, he has advised various Israeli regulators, legislators and commercial entities on related matters. Dr. Zarsky was a Fellow at the Information Society Project, at Yale Law School and a Global Hauser Fellow, at NYU Law School. He completed his doctorate dissertation, which focused on Data Mining in the Internet Society, at Columbia University – School of Law. Dr. Zarsky also participated in the “Data Mining without Discrimination” project, funded by the Dutch Research Council (NWO) as well as other national and international research projects. Among others, his current research and recent publications examine the implications and legality of advanced data mining practices, while focusing on their relation to the social and legal concepts of transparency, discrimination, social sorting and due process.

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