DigHum @ DH2014 (Lausanne)

Several researchers involved in DigHum presented papers and posters, along with a workshop and the Zampolli Award Lecture at this year’s meeting of ADHO in Lausanne. You can find the list below and links to their descriptions.

– Brown, Susan (School of English and Theatre Studies, University of Guelph, Canada), Brundin, Michael (Canadian Writing Research Collaboratory, University of Alberta, Canada), Chartrand, James (Open Sky Solutions, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada), Knechtel, Ruth
(Canadian Writing Research Collaboratory, University of Alberta), MacDonald, Andrew (Open Sky Solutions, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada), Rockwell, Geoffrey (Humanities Computing, University of Alberta, Canada), Sellmer, Megan (Humanities Computing, University of Alberta, Canada): “THE CWRC-WRITER BRIDGE: FROM CODER TO WRITER, XML TO RDF, DH TO MAINSTREAM” (http://dharchive.org/paper/DH2014/Poster-782.xml)

– Brown, Susan (University of Guelph), Adelaar, Nadine (University of Alberta), Dobson, Teresa (University of British Columbia), Knechtel, Ruth (University of Alberta), MacDonald, Andrew (McMaster University), Nelson, Brent (University of Saskatchewan), Peña, Ernesto (University of British Columbia), Radzikowska, Milena (Mount Royal University), Roeder, Geoff G. (University of British Columbia), Ruecker, Stan (IIT Institute of Design), Sinclair, Stéfan (McGill University), Windsor, Jennifer (University of Alberta), and INKE Research Group: “PROBING DIGITAL SCHOLARLY CURATION THROUGH THE DYNAMIC TABLE OF CONTEXTS” (http://dharchive.org/paper/DH2014/Poster-740.xml)

– Couture, Stéphane (McGill University, Canada), Sinclair, Stéfan (McGill University, Canada): “BEYOND THE TOOL : A REFLEXIVE ANALYSIS ON BUILDING THINGS IN DIGITAL HUMANITIES” (http://dharchive.org/paper/DH2014/Paper-805.xml)

– Eberle-Sinatra, Michael (Université de Montréal, Canada), Sinclair, Stéfan (McGill University, Canada), Dyens, Olliver (McGill University, Canada), Vitali Rosati, Marcello (Université de Montréal, Canada): “CRÉER UN CENTRE DE RECHERCHE INTERUNIVERSITAIRE SUR LES HUMANITÉS NUMÉRIQUES AU QUÉBEC : DÉFIS ET SUCCÈS” (http://dharchive.org/paper/DH2014/Poster-791.xml)

– Engel, Maureen (University of Alberta), Zwicker, Heather (University of Alberta), Frizzera, Luciano (University of Alberta), Pedraça, Samia (University of Alberta), Regattieri, Lorena (University of Alberta), Schoenberger, Zachary (University of Alberta), Windsor, Jennifer (University of Alberta): “VISUALIZING HOMELESSNESS” (http://dharchive.org/paper/DH2014/Poster-516.xml)

– Martin, Kim (University of Western Ontario), Greenspan, Brian (Carleton University), Quan-Haase, Anabel (University of Western Ontario): “STAK – SERENDIPITOUS TOOL FOR AUGMENTING KNOWLEDGE: BRIDGING GAPS BETWEEN DIGITAL AND PHYSICAL RESOURCES” (http://dharchive.org/paper/DH2014/Paper-314.xml)

– Martin, Kim (University of Western Ontario), Quan-Haase, Anabel (University of Western Ontario): “DESIGNING THE NEXT BIG THING: RANDOMNESS VERSUS SERENDIPITY IN DH TOOLS” (http://dharchive.org/paper/DH2014/Paper-425.xml)

– Montague, John Joseph (University of Alberta, Canada), Rockwell, Geoffrey (University of Alberta, Canada), Ruecker, Stan (IIT – Institute of Design, USA), Sinclair, Stéfan (McGill University, Canada), Brown, Susan (University of Alberta, Canada), Chartier, Ryan (University of Alberta, Canada), Frizzera, Luciano (University of Alberta, Canada), Simpson, John (University of Alberta, Canada): “SEEING THE TREES & UNDERSTANDING THE FOREST” (http://dharchive.org/paper/DH2014/Paper-924.xml)

– Siemens, Ray (University of Victoria): “ZAMPOLLI AWARD LECTURE: Communities of Practice, the Methodological Commons, and Digital Self-Determination in the Humanities” (http://dharchive.org/paper/DH2014/Plenary-11.xml)

– Sinclair, Stéfan (McGill University, Canada), Rockwell, Geoffrey (University of Alberta, Canada): “TOWARDS AN ARCHAEOLOGY OF TEXT ANALYSIS TOOLS” (http://dharchive.org/paper/DH2014/Paper-778.xml)

– Van Zundert, Joris (Huygens Institute for the History of the Netherlands, Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences), Jannidis, Fotis (Würzburg University), Drucker, Johanna (University of California, Los Angeles), Rockwell, Geoffrey (University of Alberta), Underwood, Ted (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), Kestemont, Mike (Antwerp University), Andrews, Tara (Bern University): “WHAT IS MODELING AND WHAT IS NOT?” (http://dharchive.org/paper/DH2014/Panel-671.xml)

– Stéfan Sinclair and Geoffrey Rockwell have a workshop titled “My Very Own Voyant: From Web to Desktop Application” (http://docs.voyant-tools.org/resources/run-your-own/voyant-server/)