Neoliberalism and its Crises
Neoliberalism and Its Crises: A Symposium Festchrift in Honour of Janine Brodie
Neoliberalism and its Crises

Neoliberalism and its Crises is a two-day symposium honouring and building from the career of Dr. Janine Brodie. Participants will engage the crucial issues animating contemporary political life that centrally inform Dr. Brodie’s research. Neoliberalism is an approach to governance that privileges the individual and the market over more collective forms of social organization. It has informed politics and policy making since the 1970’s.

The questions for us now in the wake of the financial crash of 2008 and the rise of populist movements and governments is whether this is neoliberalism’s final crisis? And what might emerge to replace it? These are the very questions that the 18 invited scholars will address in seven themed panels.  Dr. Brodie’s research has analysed this sea-change in the relationship between citizens and the state.  Her insights set the table for a remarkable range of future projects.  The capacious and generative quality of Dr. Brodie’s work is sure to catalyze the research collaborations that will emerge from this symposium. Specifically, the symposium provides the foundation for a future SSHRC Insight Grant on the fate of neoliberalism and an edited volume derived from the symposium papers.

Hosted by the Department of Political Science in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Alberta on May 4-5, 2017, the symposium brings together leading, emerging and established international scholars. The symposium offers an important opportunity both to celebrate Dr. Brodie’s path-breaking intellectual contributions and to explore the range of research projects that her work has inspired.

It will provide a rich experience for scholarly exchange, contribute to the intellectual networks of emerging scholars, produce a significant edited collection presenting current theoretical and empirical investigations of neoliberalism, and celebrate the career of one of Canada’s most important political scientists.

All symposium events will happen at the Matrix Hotel, 10640 100 Ave. Edmonton, Alberta.

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