Subaltern Voices Series

Speaking & Theorizing from the Disciplinary Margins


Credits and Sponsors

The Subaltern Series: This multi-faceted Series was designed to integrate research, teaching and technology, as well as to produce free learning objects that could be made available through the Internet and used for teaching, learning and public education worldwide. The concept for the Series was developed by Dr. Malinda S. Smith in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Alberta, and implemented with the generous assistance and financial support of a number of people, University, Faculty and departmental units, as well as a core partnership with the Department of Political Science, Arts Resource Centre and Athabasca University.

Research Assistance and Volunteers: Outstanding RA support for the Series was provided by Political Science doctoral student Nisha Nath, particularly for each seminar, the lecture series, and community outreach. The Series was enabled by the generous support of the following: Megan Mackenzie, Stephanie Fletcher, Natasja Treiberg (Political Science Graduate Students Association), and Derek Volker (Political Science Undergraduate Association). The PSUA, in particular, provided volunteers to assist with posters and set up for each seminar. The PS GSA provided invaluable assistance with the Students-Only seminars, which followed each Subaltern Voices lecture.

Graphic Design: The original graphic design for the Subaltern Series, as well as the Maher Arar Distinguished Lecture and events, were developed by Sanjit Bakshi- Fernandes. The graphic design for the Maher Arar Essay Competition was developed by Dr. Maureen Engel in Arts Resource Centre.

Web site: All the content for this web site was generated and written by Dr. Malinda S. Smith in the Faculty of Arts, and designed by Dr. Sandra Rein at Augustana Faculty.

Multimedia: The multimedia, including audio, video and podcast productions were developed in partnership with Dr. Maureen Engel, E-Learning Director at the Arts Resource Centre (ARC), University of Alberta, who also provided important advice and support on e-learning and e-promotions during the Series.

Posters: The original Subaltern Voices Speaker Series poster was designed by Sanjit Bakshi-Fernandes. The Maher Arar Distinguished Lecture poster was developed by Sanjit Bakshi-Fernandes. The Maher Arar Essay Competition poster was designed by Dr. Maureen Engel in the ARC.

Sponsors: These events and productions were made possible by the generous support of the following:

Subaltern Voices Speaker Series: Department of Political Science, Augustana Faculty, Faculty of Education, University of Alberta Global Education, Office of Human Rights, Centre for Constitutional Studies, Middle East and African Studies (MEAS) program, Peace and Postconflict Studies program, Canadian Association of Cultural Studies, Women’s Studies Program, Department of Philosophy, Arts Resource Centre, and Athabasca University.

Maher Arar Distinguished Lecture: Department of Political Science, Faculty of Arts, Office of the Provost, Centre for Constitutional Studies, Office of the Human Rights, Edmonton Journal, FolkwaysAlive!, and University of Alberta Specialized Support & Disabilities Services.

Maher Arar Essay Competition: Department of Political Science, Graduate Students Association (GSA), Gateway, and the Edmonton Journal, with the generous assistance with distribution to graduate and undergraduate students from many University of Alberta Faculties.