Bielby – UAlberta – Canada


University of Alberta, Canada

Jared Bielby is a graduate of the MA/MLIS Humanities Computing combined masters program at the University of Alberta. He is currently employed at, and has worked for, the Edmonton Public Library for the last 12 years. He is the guest editor of the International Review of Information Ethics, Vol 22 / July, 2015: Global Citizenship, and an active member of ICIE :: International Center for Information Ethics.

His research is in the current and future directions of the field of Information Ethics and its crossroads with Library Ethics, WikiLeaks and Whistle-blowing, with specific emphasis on the ethical and philosophical implications of information culture pertaining to civil rights and social action. In addition, he is currently exploring, alongside members of the International Centre for Information Ethics, the philosophical and theoretical possibilities of Global Citizenship in a Digital Era towards a specific address of Digital Citizenship and the Netizen.

His interests fall within the philosophy of information and ontology in relation to interdisciplinary ethical dialectics arising from globalization, pluralism, religion, and archetypes where information is the common denominator. His background is in hermeneutics, ancient near eastern languages, world religions, exegesis, and textual criticism.

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