Haggerty – UAlberta – Canada


University of Alberta, Canada

Kevin D. Haggerty is editor of the Canadian Journal of Sociology and book review editor of the international journal Surveillance & Society. He is Professor of sociology and criminology at the University of Alberta and a member of the executive team for the New Transparency Major Collaborative Research Initiative. His recent work has been in the area of surveillance, governance, policing and risk. In addition to numerous peer reviewed authors he has authored, co-authored or co-edited Policing the Risk Society (1997 Oxford University Press) Making Crime Count (2001 University of Toronto Press) and The New Politics of Surveillance and Visibility (2004 University of Toronto Press) Surveillance & Democracy (2008 Routledge) Security Games: Surveillance and Security at Mega-Events (2010 Routledge) and the forthcoming Transparent Lives: Surveillance in Canada (with Colin J. Bennett,  David Lyon, and Valerie Steeves).

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