Table 7

This page will contain ideas and comments from Table 7.

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  1. What are your contexts for teaching writing? How do these contexts
    reflect/shape/constrain what you value in writing?
    -a piece of writing demands context, students are often constrained when critically writing
    -what are the students’ contexts? Build capacity and context; relationships
    -build out of contexts
    -students develop contexts, further topics and ideas
    -building your own contexts, building your own ideas, make it important to you. -view things through your own lens. Bring your expertise to the table.
    -being explicit, exploring ideas, make connections
    -consider the audience: a voice, a discussion is often what the reader is looking for
    -don’t constrain students to what they think we want
    -building confidence
    -what do students believe they are constrained by?
    As a group, we discussed:
    -being aware of the kinds of writing in different disciplines and how they are inter-related; crossing the curriculum
    -helping the students understand their own (mental) constraints. How do I get them beyond this and help them be successful?
    -qualities of academic rigor that applies across multiple disciplines
    -constraints surrounding curriculum expectations and diploma exams
    -context of writing is often for assessment purposes rather than for communication or formative uses

  2. What do you value in your own writing? What do you value in your students writing?
    -getting to say what you want, how you want to say it. Having a voice, even in another language
    -voice and style developed indirectly in minor papers, to enhance the critical writing
    -developing the narrative, being comfortable with stating opinion and putting ideas forth
    -writing that is authentic, and true to you
    -pick something that interests you, self-direction, find your own style
    -find voice, don’t worry too much about the editing
    -confidence with what you can do as a writer

  3. What brings you here?
    -challenging to deal with the array of skills they need in a year; how do I fit it all in?
    -development of great writers from a young age
    -so little time with curriculum jammed full, what are the essential skills? How do I meet all the skill levels in the room?
    -challenge of motivating students to write and become good writers; dealing with frustrated students
    -what are the essential things student need to know
    -literacy and employability
    -challenges of reframing the curriculum and assessments that support that curriculum
    -literacy across curriculum

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