Digital Diversity Timeline

As part of the Digital Diversity Conference, we have started a digital diversity timeline project. We invite you to contribute to this endeavor. The aim is to create a visualization of events in a web application called Plot-It, which will chart events related to diversity in the digital context, as variously interpreted by different contributors, in a temporal (using a timeline) and geospatial (using a map) fashion, and be made available on the CWRC (Canadian Writers Research Collaboratory) website for use by scholars and enthusiasts alike.

We have begun the project by seeding the timeline ( ) with more than a hundred events. You’ll see, however, that this is just a start: there are numerous gaps. In the spirit of collaboration and representing diversity from a range of perspectives, we invite you to contribute to this project by creating one or more events using the TEI template that we have provided in the attached document. You can create as many as you like. We welcome events in languages other than English.

Creating an event is easy – once you have researched the event that you want to write about in order to provide source information for it. Please consult our Instructions for Creating Events document to create a mini TEI document for each event. You will need to use an XML editor, or a basic text editor, to create the events. If you don’t currently use an XML editor, we recommend using the Oxygen XML editor.

We hope you’ll consider joining us in this exciting endeavour. We will launch the timeline  at the conference’s closing event on 9 May.