Continuities and Innovations: Popular Print Cultures - Past and Present, Local and Global. University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada. 27-30 August, 2008

Popprint c/o Professor Gary Kelly
Dept. of English and Film Studies
Humanities Centre 3-5, University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta T6G 2E5


Organizing Committee

Gary Kelly, Conference Director

Gary Kelly
Conference Director

Kirsten MacLeod, Conference Coordinator

Kirsten MacLeod
Conference Coordinator

Paul Campbell, Conference Coordinator

Paul Campbell
Conference Coordinator

Melanie Faulknor, Conference Coordinator and Writers Festival Curator

Melanie Faulknor
Conference Coordinator,
Writers Festival Curator

Orion Ussner Kidder, Comics Festival Curator

Orion Ussner Kidder
Comics Festival Curator

Michelle Wolstenholme, Web & Graphic Designer

Michelle Wolstenholme
Web & Graphic Designer