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Women Writing Reading: Local and Global, Past and Present

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The integrated and collaborative Program for Study of Women Writing and Reading creates connections—between university researchers and the wider community, between local and international projects, and between digital technologies and the humanities. It is a program about exchanges based on these guiding principles: accessibility, collaboration, practicality, and engagement.

The Program pursues basic research questions about women in the past and the present, in local and geographically remote settings. What did and do women in English-language communities read and write? What circumstances condition what they could and can write and read? What has been and is the relationship between women's reading and writing? What patterns of women's reading and writing can be seen within and across communities, historical periods, and cultures? To enhance the experience of researching women writers and readers from different times, the website Design Team has fashioned a series of thematic backdrops or "skins"; modern, Victorian, and Renaissance settings are now functioning, while special thematic designs to suit particular topics and periods will follow.

Located in the CRC Humanities Computing Studio at the University of Alberta, the Program for Study of Women Writing and Reading is supported by resources provided by the Canada Research Chairs Program, the Canada Foundation for Innovation, and the University of Alberta.

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Patricia Demers, Principal Investigator
Gary Kelly, Canada Research Chair, Co-investigator