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By using digital technology and media WWR brings together university researchers and those in other public institutions, schools, and colleges. WWR reaches a wider community by connecting local research networks with global ones, recuperative research with promotion of new writing, and familiar forms of research reporting with new ones. It makes research available as an interactive experience for a wide range of users. At the same time, by managing the WWR program website through a proactive site curator, and making user forums instrumental in each aspect of the program, connected through the website, the program itself is constantly reaching out in new directions and constantly renewing itself.

    The Program is built around related initiatives:

  • published and forthcoming volumes from the University of Toronto Press on the History of Women Writing in English
  • a database mapping women's reading practices,
  • WWR: A Magazine of Women Writing and Reading, which is the Program's online serial
  • publication appearing three times a year,
  • the production of freely available learning resources,
  • a roster of local, national, and international visitors and events, and
  • a major international conference planned for May 2007.

The Program acknowledges the key responsibility of stewardship in the discipline of literary studies. It relies on a team of research assistants who pursue independent projects contributing to the Program. Thus it creates a cadre of young researchers with valuable experience in a team-based project and in such emerging computer areas as literary curatorship, online editing, and database construction.