Stan Ruecker at Humanities Computing Research Colloquium

Stan Ruecker gave a presentation today at the University of Alberta today as part of the Humanities Computing Research Colloquium series.  It was entitled “The Visualization of Uncertainty in Time.”

Co-authors of the presentation included Carlos Fiorentino, Michael Burden, Omar Rodriquez, and Susan Brown. Ruecker presented various ways of visualizing time that avoid shortcomings of the standard timeline and its inherently positivist approach. These new visualizations serve to accommodate uncertainty that may arise due to factors such as conflicting accounts by different witnesses, complex recollections of a single witness, or alternative philosophical conceptions of time. Stan’s work was part of Johanna Drucker’s Temporal Modelling Project, and used data from Orlando: Women’s Writing in the British Isles from the Beginnings to the Present. The talk was well-attended and well-received.

Glass Box

One of the designs presented by Stan