CiteLens is a visualization tool for patterns of referencing and citation within the context of individual monographs.

The tool was originally designed to provide researchers with a two-stage experience – a comparison and a contextualization environment – with several common components and design elements (i.e. bibliography panel, reading panel, full-text visualization). The current phase of the prototype implements the first stage, an environment that acquaints the user with the body of works referenced inside the monograph being analysed. User-generated sets of references are created with the help of a faceted browser interface, which allows filtering references by bibliographic and functional criteria (e.g. language, date of publication, type of publication, relation to the citing text, etc.). This allows for the users to compare up to three distinct sets of references by visualizing their location and grouping in the citing text.

We are currently in the process of devising a testing strategy and actively looking for test users (send us a message if this is something you would be interested in doing).

CiteLens from Luciano Frizzera on Vimeo.