Andy Knight

Bruce Stovel
Marisa Bortolussi
David Kahane
Connie Varhangen
Janice Williamson
Open stage is a place for Arts instructors to share ideas and showcase their efforts in using technology in their teaching. Interviews were conducted with each instructor. They talked about the innovative ways technology is incorporated into their courses, and their perspectives and experiences as teachers and researchers. These stories are full of insights and inspiration.

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Learning International Organizations with Multimedia

Andy Knight always strives for innovative teaching. He designed and developed a multimedia course on the United Nations using WebCT as the platform. In interviews, students in this class spoke of their experiences and of their appreciation for an intellectually challenging and fun course. Andy also talked about his own experiences.

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Nothing But the Blues: A Strong Sense of Learning Community

How about an anthology of blues songs on the Web? Professor Bruce Stovel started his Enlgish 483 course web site with this idea. Technology faciliated communication in his class. Students had more frequent contact with him and learn more from one another.

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Web-Based Conferencing for Student Research Projects

Marisa Bortolussi teaches comparative literature with web-based conferencing tools. "It is indeed very rewarding to see students benefited from the technology I use in the course" said Marisa. She used conferencing for the peer evaluation exercise in a graduate seminar course.

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Computer Conferencing for Philosophical Dialogue

David Kahane teaches in the Philosophy department at the University of Alberta. He has been using Web-based technologies to enhance and enrich his philosophy courses. He focuses on the communication capabilities of the Web and thinks that meaningful dialogue can be promoted by the use of computer mediated conferencing.

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Intro.Psych: Enhancing Large Classes with Learning Technology

Connie Varhangen is one of the pioneers on campus who integrated web-based technology into her teaching and research. She believes that students will benefit not only from a good lecture but a variety of activities that will cultivate their critical thinking, reading and writing skills.

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Electronic Media for Canadian Literature and Culture

Janice Williamson is always looking for innovative ideas and there is no exception for her teaching of Canadian literature and culture. She sees using electronic media as a way of exploring her teaching styles - both her strengths and weakness. Web-based conferencing and PowerPoint presentations are currently an integral part of her classroom teaching for discussion and creative writing.

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