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Subaltern Voices

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This digital library contains the archives of the Subaltern Voices Speaker Series seminars, which were delivered between September 2006 and March 2007. An important objective of this site is to make these digital resources available for researchers, teachers, students, and the general publics in Alberta and elsewhere in the world who may be interested in learning more on the specific subjects covered within the Series. The following learning objects are available:

(i) 12 Subaltern Voices Seminars with 13 leading-edge scholars from Canada, the United States, and United Kingdom

(ii) Speakers’ abstracts, which provide a substantive overview of the seminar

(iii) Access to multimedia presentations of the seminar; you can listen to the seminar in audio or podcast formats, or view the video online

(iv) The Speakers’ Bios, which also include materials for further readings by the author and on the specific topic

Citing the Subaltern Voices Speaker Series:

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Kothari, Uma. "Disguising Race: The Sanitisation of Discourses of Development," Subaltern Voices Speaker Series: Speaking & Theorizing from the Disciplinary Margins, 25 January, 2007, online video, Subaltern Voices web site (retrieved 25 March 2007)