Project Description

Project Status: Complete

This project took the site of Edmonton’s Charles Camsell Hospital as its object and produced three outputs:

1) Two visualizations that show the relationship between the current site (2014) to its historical appearance and spatial arrangement
2) A visualization of the site’s changing appearance, photographing the site from the same co-ordinates once a week for one year (2012) and animating the results
3) A conference paper that analysed the visual representations of the site, presented at Crossroads 2016 and revised for presentation at GeoMedia 2017

The Charles Camsell Hospital

Opened in 1946, and closed and vacant since 1996, the site is currently owned by popular local developer and architect Gene Dub.  The promise of the site’s redevelopment and gentrification has captivated and eluded the city for over a decade, with no outward sign “progress” at the site until 2016, when this project concluded. During its two decades as an abandoned ruin, the site stood in for redevelopment, the cosmopolitan, and re-investment in the core — Edmonton’s own creative class star reanimating the eviscerated core of a sprawling western city.

The Charles Camsell Ruin