v. To engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation; to amuse or divert oneself

n. exercise, brisk or free movement or action

[adapted from the OED]

Bicyclists pump past the pumphouse

in the summer sunlight – bright spandex spasms.

Roller blades and skateboards swoop

and glide like land gulls.

This present afternoon is full of wheels.

[Alice Major, “Contemplating the City”]

Play may include: Exhibition grounds, Rossdale Brewery, Baseball Stadium, Playground, parks

Thoughts on Form

Can we make this portion of the map like a game, so that the map itself can be played?What type of game might best display the information and engage the user? Trivia? Scavenger Hunt?

Alternately, the text could be formatted to look like an instruction manual for a game – “How to play Rossdale Brewery” etc. This would be neat in that it would put the reader in the position of player – in the case of present day “play” items, it may give the reader ideas for recreation in the area. The “how to play” format would also easily incorporate both images and text.

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